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Tauck Scholars Return Stateside for Senior Year

What did the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Ireland have in common this summer?  The awesome contributions of three Lehigh interns who were honored with Tauck Scholarships!  The CBE is proud to welcome back Jeremy Bailey, Katelyn Cooper, and Paul Ciavardelli – just in time to start their senior year and the recruitment of the next group of scholars who will blaze their own trails in the summer of 2014. 

Jeremy, Paul, and Katelyn are the latest scholars in a program started 19 years ago by CBE alum Arthur C. Tauck Jr. ’53.  The Tauck legacy has supported international experiences for 62 students since 1995.  Prospective applicants for the 2014 scholarship will be invited to learn more about the program and the experiences of our 2013 scholars at a Tauck Celebration Luncheon in September. 

Returning scholars certainly have much to share! 

Senior accounting major Jeremy Bailey did an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the Asset Management department.  He participated in new employee training related to standards, policies, and procedures, and he worked on a team that prepared for and conducted a client audit.  “I started on June 17th with 40 other Irish interns – I was the only American there,” Jeremy noted.  “The experience  exceeded any of the goals I could have set for myself.  I gained exposure to a business world that few if any people my age can say they have.  I built relationships with numerous Managers and Partners and fellow Interns in the Dublin office whom I have already kept in touch with since returning to the US.  Most of all, though, I gained a confidence in myself in that I now know I can work through any difficult or uncomfortable situation and succeed in it.  When I arrived in Dublin I did not know a single person.  Today, I have many great friends there and have built relationships with people in the Dublin office that will hopefully lead to me working at that office again at some point in my career.”


Senior accounting major Paul Ciavardelli interned for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Prague, Czech Republic, as part of the Lehigh in Prague program.  “I worked during the week on mostly planning activities for upcoming engagements the firm was going to have. This left time on the weekends to travel to Berlin and Amsterdam which were both really cool cities,” explained Paul.  “I traveled to 3 major European cities in 3 different countries and it was absolutely amazing. I stayed in Prague, Czech Republic with about 40 other Lehigh students and while there I interned for PricewaterhouseCoopers, saw the Prague Castle, walked over the famous Charles Bridge, and made so many other awesome memories.” 

Paul also reflected about his experience overall, “Since I was so far away I learned that I can do things on my own and this sense of independence was very reassuring seeing as I will have to start to do things on my own after graduation this upcoming year.  All in all my time abroad was everything I had hoped for and then some! It was my first trip out of the country and definitely won't be my last!”


Senior Katelyn Cooper, a double major in finance and marketing, interned in Belgium at LMS International, an engineering firm that is a worldwide leader for acoustic troubleshooting software.  Katelyn worked in the Test Marketing Department preparing advertisement budgets and also analyzing website analytics for a newly-released product. “The environment at LMS was very different from a typical internship experience.  My coworkers spoke Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, and even Japanese,” explained Katelyn. “I think that the biggest take-away from this experience was that we are all still students, everyday is a new opportunity to learn. Finally, no matter what language people speak a smile is universal.”

In addition to working, Katelyn was also able to travel to Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bruges, and Barcelona and meet many different groups of Lehigh University students.  Katelyn reflected fondly about her experience, noting, “I shared memories with Lehigh students as well as many new people along the way.”


Tauck Scholars are selected each fall through a competitive application process including an interview by the CBE’s Tauck Scholarship Committee.  Last year’s Tauck Committee included Professors Doug Mahony (management), Jim Maskula (marketing), Judy McDonald (economics), David Meyers (finance), and Ken Sinclair (accounting).  Applications for the 2014 scholarship are due to the CBE Undergraduate Center no later than November 12, 2013. 

“The Tauck Scholarship is an amazing legacy that has provided incredible growth opportunities for our CBE students,” said Katrina Zalatan, Associate Dean and Chair of the Tauck Scholarship Committee.  “We look forward to hearing more about our 2013 scholars’ experiences this fall and seeing what exciting adventures are in store for the our next class of scholars this spring!”