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The CBE’s 2014 Tauck Scholars Are Ready to Launch

     Congratulations to the six Tauck Scholars who will be blazing new trails abroad this summer.  With destinations including Belgium, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, our 2014 Tauck Scholars are ready to contribute around the globe.

     Sean Joy, a double major in Business Economics and Finance, will be interning at KPMG's London office this June and July after a period of training and working at KPMG's New York office.  “I hope to hit the ground running with a working knowledge of business valuations advisory practices and continue work in London,” Sean noted. “On weekends, I hope to travel around England and the rest of Europe sightseeing and experiencing different cultures as much as possible.”

     Katie Kiewel, a double-major in Management and Finance and Entrepreneurship minor, will be doing an internship in China as part of the Lehigh in China program.  “My summer experience in Shanghai will enhance my understanding of what it truly means to be a global citizen, which will be instrumental in my future career considering the increase of awareness and challenges caused by globalization that many companies face today,” Katie said. “Most importantly, I look forward to living in a foreign country for an extended period of time, something that I have yet to experience. The largest challenge that I am both nervous and excited for, is learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

     Accounting major Brandon Mauss will be living in Dusseldorf, Germany, and working for audit firm Grant Thornton.  He is looking forward to seeing how a firm operates internationally and the differences between office culture in Germany as compared to New York.  “In terms of the work itself, I'm also interested to see a firm use IFRS (the international financial reporting standards non-U.S. firms use) as compared to the GAAP (generally-accepted accounting principles) I'm used to,” explained Brandon.  “I am also really looking forward to traveling around Europe with the stipend I was given through the Tauck Scholars program. While I'm there, I'm hoping to visit the Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps in Poland and Munich, Germany, respectively. Throughout my childhood I've learned about these sites, but to be able to witness them in person is truly a special privilege.”

     Business Information Systems major Jennifer Nguyen will live in Leuven, Belgium, and work for LMS International, a firm specializing in simulation software that was recently acquired by Siemens.  “I hope to leverage my skills and knowledge base as a Business Information Systems major to contribute to the company as much as I can during my time there. My main goal for this internship is to see firsthand how the application of both my technology and business knowledge on integrative assignments works in a professional setting abroad. I want to bring back my international experience to my internship in New York City immediately following my return from Belgium,” Jennifer explained.  She is also thrilled about going to Belgium since its central location is perfect for seeing many parts of Europe. “I am so thankful to Mr. Tauck as well as the Tauck Scholarship Committee for giving me such an amazing opportunity! I am so grateful for this chance to broaden my understanding of international business, something I know I will hold dear throughout my career.”

     Ly Nguyen, an accounting major, will work at Ernst & Young in Tokyo, Japan, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to work in an international setting.   Ly noted, “My goal during this trip is to explore as much as Japan as possible to learn about its culture and people. I think it will be a very challenging experience because I will be on my own in a foreign area. However, it will be very rewarding as this will allow me to grow on a professional and personal level.”

     Chris Parsons, a double major in Accounting and Finance with an International Economics minor, will travel to the Czech Republic as part of the Lehigh in Prague program.  Chris plans to take a class and work at PwC in Prague, continuing his PwC internship in Philadelphia upon his return to the U.S. later in the summer.  “This summer, I am really looking forward to traveling to Europe because I have never been there before, Chris said.  “I am hoping to gain some skills at PwC in Prague that will be different from what I learn from my internship in Philadelphia so I can be of even more use in the workplace. I am very interested to see how public accounting firms operate in Europe, especially since they operate on different accounting standards than in the United States.”

     Tauck Scholars are selected each fall through a competitive application process including an interview by the CBE’s Tauck Scholarship Committee.  The 2014 Tauck Committee included Professors Doug Mahony (management), Jim Maskula (marketing), Judy McDonald (economics), David Meyers (finance), Ken Sinclair (accounting), and Dean Katrina Zalatan.  Applications for the 2015 scholarship will be available in the CBE Undergraduate Center at the start of the fall semester. 

Please tune in to the CBE Undergraduate Update this fall to read about our Tauck Scholars' experiences and learn about the application process for our 2015 Tauck Scholars Program!